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Are you missing out?

If you know me, inspiration is what makes me thrive.  I am always inspired when ...
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Toxic Relationships

One of the most precious commodities of life is time and there never seems to ...
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Find Happiness When Times are Tough

  Pay It Forward I was touched by a story of a man who was ...
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You can't be successful and have a life?

There is a common fallacy that many people believe that in order to be successful ...
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"Good is the enemy of great"

Good is the enemy of great! “And that is one of the key reasons why ...
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INTEND… to succeed!

    In last months Newsletter, I wrote about the power of intentions.   When you ...
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A new experience

When you start something new, it is a positive experience when the past is left in ...
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Magical Moments

It was a beautiful evening… the first snowfall had freshly covered the ground with white… ...
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The Secret of Higher Performance

How integrating employee engagement and strengths boosts both by Jim Asplund and Nikki Blacksmith Here ...
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