What a blessing it is to wake up in the morning with gratitude and anticipate so much more in life.  It makes me realize that this honestly is the ONLY way to live!
I anticipate that opportunity will come and think about what I need to do to prepare for it.  I believe in abundance and mentally visualize it.  This so often comes my way!
Life has not always been like this.

I remember the days when I use to wake up dreading the day— feeling like I had to deal with the many responsibilities in life out of obligation rather than living my life with passion and purpose.
When there is no purpose or passion— something needs to change!
Feeling stressed, not enjoying what I was doing, going a hundred miles per hour, accomplishing a lot but seldom stopping to experience appreciation and gratitude for the breath of life that was given to me each and every day, I felt myself wondering ‘Is this living life?
Life had to change! This was impacting my happiness and health and it was time to take inventory. 
Curiously examining my life I realized that I was ‘sick and tired’ of being ‘sick and tired’.  Negativity was controlling my mind and this was having an enormous impact.  I desired change but how?
Change happens when we open our heart and mind.
I enjoy reading and learning how to be well and do well and how to excel in life.   An article that stood out was research that was done on children that grew up in critical homes.  What was observed was that one of the most important times as a family is sharing a meal around dinner table.  Children are greatly impacted by the conversations that take place.
Do the conversations you experienced growing up have an impact on you?
My story…

I grew up in a large family of seven children.  My parents after World War II had immigrated to Canada with a few of their belongings. They had to figure out how to survive and it was definitely a struggle!  There was no government assistance and they worked hard just to barely pay the bills. They worked all of the time. Needless to say, dinnertime wasn’t usually the most joyous time.
I get it!  My parents were tired.  Mom was trying to manage a multitude of kids (one of us was sure to be acting out or aggravating someone), make the meals from scratch, pinch pennies, grow a garden and keep up with maintaining a home, without all the conveniences we have today. Dad consistently worked hard framing houses and running his construction company. This required more than an 8 work hour day and it was physically exhausting.  At the end of the day, I often remember seeing my dad passed out on the carpet fatigued!
What I know now and didn’t know back then was that they were doing their best, the best way they knew how!
At the end of the day my parents were done and they did not have much left to give or did they have the time or energy to deal with all of us kids.  Simply getting everyone to the dinner table was a major task.
Stressed and tired parents, rambunctious kids, dinnertime was often stressful. There was never a lot of conversation and instead of having times of connection, it was often a time of correction.  To hear criticism, complaining, or to receive punishment with ‘the silent treatment’ was a common experience.
Experiences in our childhood often impact us and influence the habits and patterns we establish in our adult life.
We accept these habits and patterns as the norm because they are familiar. Unaware of the impact we operate on auto pilot and repeat these patterns even when they may not be working for us. We desire to be great parents/business owners/partners/spouses/friends. We want to be our best and do our best yet sometimes we find ourselves falling short of attaining what we want most.
I realized that there was so much more I desired in life but the pattern of having a critical negative mindset and focusing on the problem was limiting me from having what I wanted most (fulfillment, positivity, inspiration, passion, connection, gratitude, appreciation, peace).
What I know is that negativity is never productive. It brings resistance and fear, there is no win-win and it seldom offers a solution

Some ways negativity shows up—

– Seeing what is not working rather than what is
– Double guessing yourself
– Reacting rather than responding (there is a difference)
– Getting lost in stories (distorted reality)
– Not feeling confident to make decisions
– Procrastinating
– Being hard on yourself and others
– Unrealistic expectations
– Focusing on what is not getting done rather than on what is
– Worrying too much
– Feeling stressed and overwhelmed
– Being afraid to step out of your comfort zone and to take risks

Does this have an impact?  It sure does and it is not that positive. 


The breakthrough for me—

The realization and understanding that there is a more powerful way of BEING! In order to have more of life old habits and patterns of negativity need to change. This is how to experience transformational change in life!

This is a process and it doesn’t happen over night.

Practice – Awareness and Mindfulness

Over time old patterns do change and new neural pathways form.


Is negativity creating limitations in your life?

Shine awareness on the negative patterns and the impact of negativity internally and externally in your life.
– How is negativity limiting you?
– What conversations are you having with yourself and others?
– What habits and patterns have you adopted that you desire to change?

Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Hold yourself accountable and find the support you need. Practice positive affirmations and engage in empowering conversations.
This will inspire you in your personal growth journey and it is the perfect environment for greatness to grow.

One step at a time, AWARE, one amazing choice at a time— greatness will shape your life!


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