Have you ever been around someone whose energy mesmerized you?

These are the people we are all attracted to.  They are the individuals we want to marry, hangout with, hire, and incorporate into our lives.

Why is it these people are so attractive?  Yes they often are charismatic, are inspiring, optimistic and passionate about life.  Their energy is infectious and is contagious and they make an impact in our lives!

Imagine the “power house effect” when a group of these individuals unite.  There’s a quote by Margaret Mead shines light on this—

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Committed people/leaders change lives!


Do you consider yourself to be a passionate leader?

Maybe you are thinking— A leader, who me?

Leadership is in the heart of every human being. You may not see yourself as a leader, yet in reality, you are.  We are all leaders-– whether we are leading our families, taking responsibility for our relationships, running a business or an organization, or simply leading our own lives.

When we lead with passion, we feel inspired.

Optimism, motivation and inspiration spring from a place of passion and purpose.  This powerful energy flows through us like a conduit that ignites others and contagiously infects the world around us.  Passionate people make an impact!


  • Be authentic
  • Be a role-model
  • Live your values
  • Show empathy to the world around you
  • Fill your tank – Find ways to be motivated and inspired
  • Connect to others for encouragement and support

As you do, you will naturally impact the world and attract like-minded people who are passionate and committed to living life as you are!

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