Margie will forever have a special place in my heart. While working with her, I have been able to achieve more in the past 3 months than I have in the past 2 years. Before I began coaching, I felt stuck, uninspired by my life and unsure of how to take the next steps. After 3 months with Margie I feel motivated, I have clear goals and direction in my life and I am so grateful for every day I get to wake up and make my dreams a reality!
If you are unsure of what your next step is, I highly recommend a complimentary session with Margie.

Kelly MacKay, Entrepreneur, Vancouver, B.C.

What a gift Margie possesses!  Her innate ability in giving me the confidence and strength to bring out my true authentic self was brilliantly skilled.  While I strove, and struggled through difficulties, to create the life I wanted Margie kept me focused on my goals and held me accountable.  Margie’s coaching settles for nothing less than living the life you want!  She is genuine, compassionate, educated, kindhearted, motivating and inspiring. I am forever blessed and am living life!

Kristi Gage, Business Owner, Issaquah, WA

Margie is a person of deep character with a belief and commitment to the best in people, someone who genuinely cares about the welfare of others, and someone you can completely trust. She has high standards and is able to focus herself and others to accomplish more than the ordinary. She has a gift of being able to get to the heart of the matter and in encouraging others to do the same. Her warmth and love are infectious from her core and her smile radiates beyond the physical. A true and genuine person, I would recommend Margie to anyone who is looking for someone to help them achieve their personal potential.

Blain Maryniuk, Director, Abbotsford, B.C.

My time spent in coaching with Margie has helped me immeasurably. I went through both professional & personal challenges over the past year and was confused as to what direction I wanted. Margie was my confidante, my support and my loving friend though these challenges as well as kicking me in to action when I needed it! She was my guide through learning to trust myself, become confident and be a happier & more positive “me”. I am a better person today for my time with Margie!

Carrie Dick, Business Owner, Vancouver, B.C.

I have been seeing Margie now for 2 1/2 months. I originally wanted to work with her to help me with some business decisions that I needed to make. Margie has not only helped me with my feelings of the business, she has put my whole life into perspective. I have gone from an extremely stressed and overwhelmed person to a very calm and at ease person. Margie has changed my life!

Nicola Finch, Business Owner, Kelowna, B.C.

Margie has truly transformed my life! When I first came to see her a year and a half ago I was completely drained and as we called it, my tank was ’empty’. I had goals and aspirations for my work and personal life, but something was holding me back. Session by session we addressed my saboteur behaviour and habits that held me back from achieving ultimate happiness (which is my #1 value). Margie not only challenged me to be better, she constantly held me accountable for my actions. I am truly grateful for having her in my life and the amazing experiences and opportunities it has brought me. I continually book sessions with her to keep my life consistent with my personal values and goals.

Raquel Meriam, Manager, Penticton B.C.

I have been working with Margie for almost a year now and have been ecstatic with our results. I look forward to each and every session, as she has been extremely helpful in bringing new perspectives and fresh opinions to some of the uncertainties in my life. Thank you Margie for everything that you have done, and I look forward to future session and sharing my life’s successes with you. You are the best!!”

Garth Coxford, Project Manager, Kelowna, B.C.

During a frustrating day my meeting with Margie was always the bright spot. I’d show up and then leave two different people, feeling bad going in, and feeling good coming out. She’s became my favorite part of the week.

Bill Ferguson, Relator, Kelowna, B.C.

Somewhere along the line, in the busyness of raising a family, I lost track of myself. Coaching has helped me to reconnect to the wisdom I already have. As I’ve been challenged to pinpoint my core values, I have tapped into the ability to answer my own questions about how I should focus my time and energy. I was afraid that “taking care of myself” would be a selfish experience, and take away from my family, but it has been the opposite. I can use coaching strategies to challenge my teens to tap into their own sense of who they are, and encourage them to live life from their own core values. Learning more about myself has empowered me to step into my life in ways that work for me. I am breaking free from the tyranny of my self imposed expectations, and finding ways to be more at home with myself. Margie is challenging me to take responsibility for the life I really want and giving me tools to make it happen!

Lori Van Zyderveld, Business Owner, Kelowna, B.C..

My coaching with Margie has opened my eyes to the core values that drive both my successes and failures.  In learning these I’ve found a creative perspective and a love for myself that I was unaware of. When you do the homework, the empowerment is endless!

Julie Weimer, Mortgage Broker, Kelowna, B.C.

I Am ME Workshop:

I have been attending seminars for the past few years, trying to rediscover myself and find my inner peace.  But, honestly no other seminar, talk or book has impacted me as much as your seminar did.  It truly was an empowering day and I have left transformed and feeling ME again!  Finally!!

I no longer need to perform for those around me to prove that I’m the perfect person they expect me to be.  I am perfect, just the way I am.

Jen Newman, Business Owner, Kelowna, B.C.


LifePilot Course:

We are genuinely grateful to the LifePilot team, and in particular to Margie Schamuhn for navigating our commerce students through a comprehensive and insightful day of activities in the LifePilot workshop. Both our graduating and senior year students were able to participate and were thoroughly impressed by the approach of the program. This training fits in so well with our goals as a school – to provide highly experiential, practical and self-reflective approaches to learning and combining business and strategic thinking with self-mindedness. I can highly recommend the LifePilot program to any university seeking a high quality capstone activity for graduating students.

Jennifer Gill, BA BEd MA, University of Victoria


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