Often people don’t understand what coaching is until they have experienced it when working with a credentialed Certified Coach.

Coaching is different from other therapies such as counseling, training, mentoring and psychology. These therapies often call on giving clients guidance or advice which is different than the coaching experience.

Encouraging client’s to do the work rather than the expert, is the foundation of coaching.  It is a powerful process that is helps individuals understand their own innate wisdom, potential and resourcefulness.

The skill of asking thought provoking questions allows clients to explore their inner world and find the answers they need to live their daily lives.

Coaching is an effective and supportive process that helps individuals, as well as relationships and teams achieve their maximum potential.

Whether it is in the aspect of career, business, or in a person’s personal life, coaching expands awareness and understanding, and elicits client-generated solutions and strategies to achieve positive results.

The process of coaching brings increased clarity, understanding, focus and confidence to take action.  It increases emotional intelligence awareness, ignites motivation and productivity, and provides strategies and tools for success.

What makes coaching so effective is that it is a powerful relationship:

  • That is built on trust and confidentiality.
  • The goal of every session aligns with the client’s goals, dreams and desires.
  • The client’s agenda is the centre of the coaching experience.
  • It is a journey of self-discovery that allows the client to become more self-aware and take charge of their own destiny.
  • It is a safe environment for powerful conversations like no other.

Helping my client’s understand their inner and outer world so that they can live purposeful and fulfilling lives, this is my mission at MargieS. Coach.

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